Who We Are

Servilanz, is a real estate agency specializing in the sale and rental of all types of properties in Lanzarote. We have twelve years giving a professional and quality service 
A career of over 15 years in the sector and the market Lanzarote provides a broad understanding of the characteristics of this market, enabling us to advise you with the best guarantees. 
In all these years we have worked with clients in real estate transactions that have resulted in a very large percentage of satisfaction . We have  the confidence and recommendations of those who have requested our services. 
Our office has been characterized by offering advice geared to the particular circumstances of each client and situation. In each case  we recommend what  in our extensive experience we  considered that it is the best choice. 
So before the owner makes a decision on the sale or rental of a property and considering the economic situation of the market and other private motivations, if you want we can  carry out the study of  the  most interesting real estate transaction. We  will try to propose the most beneficial option in every situation.

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