Rental Management

If you plan to put your property for rent, talk with us before. Security and peace of mind is our system. Please don´t hesitate to contact us 


Rental Management


The rental is becoming an increasingly the most popular  option.

In SERVILANZ estate,  We take care to carry out all the formalities relating to leasing your home, shop or office with the objective of to give them  the maximum your profit.

To do this:

- We promote your properties for rent specific publications.

- Select a profile tenants that provide security and stability.

- We collect reports from specialized companies.

- We draft contracts with the supervision of legal advisers.

In  SERVILANZ, we continued the lease management:

- Lease Management

- Changes in ownership or direct supplies.

- Supervision of breakdowns and maintenance.

- Review of inventory and payment status  ...

Please Do not hesitate. If you plan to rent you must contact to Servilanz 


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